Founder's Message

Welcome to Ark Capital's Website,

I began my career as an entrepreneur at the feet of a successful hyper-growth publicly traded startup in an environment of fervor and chaos. I have a uniquely keen insight of the isolation, stresses, anxiety, and burden of accountability on Executive Leadership & Fiduciaries. For more than two decades, I have internalized my experiential lessons concerning the dedicated employees working to make a living, those shareholders with hard-earned capital invested and those customers dependent on a Venture's Mission & Value Proposition. As a progression of my journey, I initially created Ark Capital as a vehicle to consult, support, grow and develop commercial opportunities at various stages of Life Cycle. I sought to bring my genuine passion, organic experiences, abilities, and network to enhance and spare kindred spirits my previous spectrum of complex circumstance.

In the last decade, Ark has delivered on its promise and allowed me to engage remarkable people as an executive management consultant, execution specialist, fierce champion, strategic advisor, and origin to many ventures, clients, institutional entities, and investors. Ark Capital has delivered a wealth in life-long professional relationships, meaningful global friendships and the honor of mentoring exceptionally talented individuals and teams. Ark Capital's founding has sprawled into a Brand I am proud of with achievements I could not have envisioned. With the fortune of interacting with inspiring personalities, I have thrived in the fast-paced, stimulating endurance marathon of venture building and solving daunting commercial circumstances. As the Founding Principal of Ark Capital, I can document what makes our team and efforts successful.

"Strategy First, Tactics Second"
At Ark Capital, Strategy is an element embedded in all of its actions and exercises. We practice the discipline of concisely defining a Strategy and the principle of aligning activities against a singular vital goal. Daily responsibilities and unforeseen events will always present themselves to a growing venture; however, the response must be towards the definitive end. Tactical action plans can be manipulated to achieve the overall Strategy, but tactical plans without a Strategic purpose will result in inefficiencies, lost time, lost capital, confused management goals and yield potential Venture failure.

"Human Capital Unleashed"
The world of start-ups, scaling growth, and M&A is a grueling Darwinist environment but emperically a place that is "just" made up of people. Ark’s executional focus on realizing its talented people’s potential is a critical component in all of its triumphs. An Organization's future results are a direct result of its people's skills, knowledge, and capabilities. Additionally, excellence will never come from a single individual but the collective effort. Our Team diligently concentrates on building its Human Capital and considers those efforts as the single most potent tool in producing maximal outcomes in all situations. We take pride in leveraging and unleashing the potential of individuals and mobilizing united team-work across all of our partners, management teams, consultants, and employee base.

"Plan, Then Plan, Then Plan Again"
Rarely does any business model, intelligence, data or clairvoyance comprehensively cover the future of unknown events and variables. The all too familiar practice of producing a Business Plan, Financial Model or Execution Gantt Chart only to shelve the Document until a need for financing, due diligence or tax season is a faulty mode even if by a founder of a Venture. Ventures are expeditions into uncharted territory with finely tuned "Plans" acting as a Map. The idea of exploring new territory without the advantage of continually referencing a Map is absurd. Venture Plans require consistent updating to track original assumptions against real-world results. "Plan, Then Plan, Then Plan Again" is an Ark Capital mantra that consolidates all that should have been against all that is. The insights gained from resulting dialog and charted direction will encourage stakeholders to participate meaningfully in course adjustment or repetition of positive activities.

"Ownership Is Not Just For Owners"
The draconian lifestyle of a Venture Capitalist is one with no free time, no clear-cut working hours, no excuses and no mercy. The process of raising funds, boot-strapping capital, recognizing genuine talent, managing resources efficiently, and obtaining market share demands wisdom, tenacity, expertise, and conviction. "Ownership" is the synergy and macro-version of active aligned Team-Work. The indivisible core component of Ark Capital's achievements lies in recognition of "Ownership" in its engagements for external clients, Start-Up Teams and its own Venture Interests. The Ark Capital Team cultivates the concept of "Ownership" with all its commercial relationships, customers, clients, investors, and employees. "Ownership" is at best an illusionary qualitative ingredient but a necessity when introducing a New Venture, New Initiative, or executing a Solution into a competitive ecosystem.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about Ark Capital and its people. Whether you came by our site out of curiosity, with hopes to engage or if you are growing your vision or dream, please keep in mind that all work to achieve for whatever end is at its essence all about people. After two decades, I continue to observe all success as the cumulative result of people's enthusiasm, efforts, and desire to be part of something larger than themselves. The most significant privilege as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist is the transference of inspiration in all its forms. The ability to harness, amplify and release the potential in people that they could not perceive is a genuinely priceless reward.

For those that would like to consider Ark Capital in any capacity, I will state the following Promise:

  1. "The Ark Capital Team will give you its full capabilities, experiences, professional network, and resources to achieve the scope of your Vision and beyond."
  2. "Our team will always seek to maximize and exceed your expectations."
  3. "Our dialog will be unfiltered honest and genuine."
  4. "Lastly, Win, Lose or Draw, We Do It Together."

Be inspirational,

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M Jalali

Founding Principal